Sex Education

Inexperienced Otis channels his sex therapist mom when he teams up with rebellious Maeve to set up an underground sex therapy clinic at school.


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at 11:54 am

I'll be brief. I am a black man, and I do not appreciate homsexuality being put into black characers. I cannot be as candid as I wish about this series, but I will be honest as I can. I like sex. I like movies and shows where sexual nudity is a strong possibility. I have no problem seeing a naked man, although I can see why entertainment has kept the naked man out of view of the camera all these many years up to 2010. Male genitals are not very...appealing, aestetically; nor are they all that impressive. But in a world of false equality, "what's good for goose is good for the gander", eh? But I digress. I like movies and shows dealing with sex, but I cannot muster the same vigor for watching a show when that brand of entertainment is mired in aspects of liberal social views. CRT, homosexuality, inclusivity, gender indentifcation, mysandry, uneven outcomes of equity, and cancel culture are all carcengenic facets or factors that keep the "enterain" out of entertainment. It's hard to know when the funny parts play out in a show with such farcical overtures; especially when people who hold these views first reaction to negative feedback is to brow-beat or bully critics. It's hard to write a story anyone care's about when they can't relate to any of the characters. And the fact that these social views can take so much away from a show with a well liked aspect of life, is calamitous. What care do I have to see a woman with an attractive body when I know (because of inclusivity) she will never get naked on screen? Why in the world would I be interested in seeing two guys kiss, much less in naked in bed together? Why should I believe a woman is the leader of a combat squad, when they don't even play first person shooter video games? Why not flip channels when the lesbian character, with a guy's haircut and clothes, starts making out with another woman?? The aspects of social liberal views don't make good entertainment because they are NOT norms. If they are not norms then there is no interest. If there is no interest, then every single script is a grindfest to keep the storyline consistent and believeable. The same goes for this show. I'm not interested because I have no anticipation for seeing those things. They don't incite anticipation or interest because they don't appeal to me. Personally, I get sick of trying to tell the males from females with shows like this one; and even then you have to wait and see who they pair with later in the show just to get some kind of context on WHY they make the choices they make. Too convoluted. Too unnecessarily convoluted. And even if this show is supposedly doing well ratings wise, I'd take that with a lot of salt. Because the 'alphabet people' have the money to buy reviews. If I have to say, I'd say my critique would be on the Popcorn Viewers' side of "Rotten Red Vegtables." And it is not high at all. I didn't rate this show because even half a star is too much credit. You don't boost mediocrity. You turn your back on it.