While martial arts champion Baki Hanma trains hard to surpass his legendary father, five violent death row inmates descend upon Tokyo to take him on.


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at 03:44 am

Bad writing at its best. It's enough to watch the 1st episode to see how lazy it is. But then I thought, ok, they didn't bother to give any meaningful backstory to any character, they didn't write any real speech that is not cringe-macho, maybe they went crazy in fights and animation? I'm up for some pulp. Answer is no. Every fight is more or less the same, one guy inflicts an incredible amount of damage on the other, seemingly winning the match, but the opponent just stands up and inflicts double the damage, only to have the 1st guy standing up and repeating. Repeat this formula once, twice or three times and you have EVERY fight in the anime. No techniques, no speed vs strength, no kung-fu vs karate, no height vs weight, NOTHING, JUST DAMAGE. Then random characters will keep appearing, the latest is obviously the strongest ever, until next episode where a new guy with no backstory is even stronger, or when another random guy beats him... The whole thing is pointless. Save some time and don't watch it. Maybe if I find an English dub I'll finish it while washing the dishes...


at 05:18 am

Hardly a martial arts series - most of it was wasted on pointless narrative. The storyline for each episode made no sense! At least Dragonball showed good fight scenes! This was the most rubbish Anime in Netflix - only good thin about this was showing tips on being a fighter!