In his quest for a bride to break his immortal curse, a 939-year-old guardian of souls meets a grim reaper and a sprightly student with a tragic past.

Runtime: 77 min

Quality: HD

First Release: 2016

Last Release: 2017


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at 02:17 am

This TV Series is also marketed as Guardian: The Lonely and Great God. The Goblin is an immortal being who can only die by the hands of his wife. After 900 years He is bored with his life and searching for his bride so he can end it. His life takes a great turn when he eventually finds his bride and a Grim Reaper. I love the flashback tells of his previous life and how he got to be a Goblin. Great romantic drama with comedy added in. I think you would enjoy this series. I loved it so much I bought the series. Jim C.