Dilema Series

ANYA a psychologist who works at his father's psychologist firm, JACQUES BOUVIER, which is located on the Cote d'Azure - France, decided to return to Jakarta and open his own psychologist practice after obtaining a license to practice in Indonesia. Jacques disagrees because he feels that Anya will meet BIMA, his first love. According to his father, Bima is a man who only uses Anya. Anya doesn't care, she keeps coming back to Indonesia because her dream is to practice in Indonesia. Sure enough, as Jacques suspected, Anya had another relationship with Bima. At first the relationship went smoothly until finally Anya found out that Bima was married. Anya's return to Jakarta makes Bima want to end his marriage with Lena, moreover, his love for Anya has never been extinguished.




Country: United States of America

Runtime: min

Quality: HD

First Release: 2022

Last Release: 2022


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