You Won't Be Alone

In an isolated mountain village in 19th century Macedonia, a young feral witch accidentally kills a peasant. She assumes the peasant's shape to see what life is like in her skin, igniting a deep seated curiosity to experience life inside the bodies of others. #It's a wicked thing this world.


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Chris Sawin

at 20:44 pm

You Won’t Be Alone is a dark fairy tale littered with engrossing yet often grisly imagery that crescendos into a unique horror film with intriguing layers that unravel at a deliberate pace. The film is akin to a horror film taking the scenic route to gore and nudity as it’s much more interested in building exquisitely rich folklore with a refreshing payoff for anyone willing to be patient enough to let You Won’t Be Alone breathe like an elegant wine. Full review: https://hubpages.com/entertainment/You-Wont-Be-Alone-2022-Review-Horror-That-is-More-Than-Skin-Deep