Tyler Perry's A Madea Homecoming

Madea's back - hallelujer! And she's not putting up with any nonsense as family drama erupts at her great-grandson's college graduation celebration. #It's a family affair.


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at 06:43 am

I am disgusted about the mockery being made of the BLM movement and other equalities. The film is terrible and just because it is a black person belitteling the movement it seems to be allowed? It is possibly the worst film I have seem ain a long while. Basically a really bad reharsh of Big Momma's house but devoid of any type of comedy. Every second seems like the actors are trying to impersonate Martin Lawrence/ Eddie Murphy style with no success whatsoever. The intro starts with a man setting himself on fire with a barbecue in some sort of 19060's Marx brothers parody, and the outdated "'jokes' just keep going from there. The film even goes as far as making racist Alabama Jokes about incest. Which seem pathetic and archaic the the modern society of BLM. Almost goading places with inequatity such as Alabama to be more racist. A direct joke of BLM - Police relations and even a satirical parody of the Rosa Parks incident that launched equal rights movements. There is ever the introduction of Brendan O'Carroll for what seems to be the sole purpose of making outdated 'n*gger' and cotton picking jokes. The discrimination doesn't stop there with overtones of homophobia running throughout the beginning; a gay relationship getting no sympathy in comparison with the end of the straight relationship, seeming to question its equality or even its validity at all when the charachters return to refering to each other as 'friends' after the breakup. The film obviously tries to highlight modern sociological issues but constant overconcentration of skin colour and race seems more to mock the whole matter with the goal being to increase ineqaulity not diminish it. This film shouldn't have even been made this of the millenium. A definate push back to equality.