The Toll

A socially awkward driver and a weary passenger try to make it to their destination while being haunted by a supernatural threat. #You gotta pay the troll toll


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at 01:44 am

_**A traveling woman stuck on a rural backroad with her “weird” Uber driver**_ A socially awkward Michigan Uber driver (Max Topplin) picks up a weary young woman at the airport (Jordan Hayes) to take her to her father’s farmhouse, but the vehicle mysteriously breaks down in the backwoods, where uncanny things start happening. What’s going on? Written & directed by Michael Nader, “The Toll” (2020) is a technically well-made mystery/horror Indie that borrows the basic plot of “Wind Chill” (2007), yet isn’t as good or moving. If you like these kinds of flicks give it a try, but you’ll probably be disappointed. While the two main characters are interesting enough and there’s a sense of creepiness to the situation, not to mention the core mystery is intriguing (I don’t want to spoil anything), the increasing illusions were tedious to me. What really puts the nail in the coffin is a minor twist at the end that contradicts everything the viewer is led to believe about something up to that point (I’m being intentionally vague). “Wind Chill” had a minor twist as well, but it was organic to the story. This one just feels wholly contrived and you’re left feeling duped in an eye-rolling way. At least this was my experience. Nevertheless, I liked the filmmaking, the plot, the spooky sylvan ambiance and the cast. Less illusions, no artificial twist and more focus on the paranormal mystery would’ve put this in the ballpark of “Wind Chill.” The film runs 1 hour, 20 minutes, and was shot in Ontario, Canada. GRADE: C-