The Last Bus

Widower Tom, on the recent passing of his wife Mary, uses his free bus pass to travel the length of Britain from John O'Groats in Scotland to Land's End in Cornwall, their shared birthplace, using only local buses. It's an incident-fuelled nostalgia trip and his encounters with local people make him a media phenomenon. Tom is totally unaware and to his surprise on arrival at Land’s End he’s greeted as a celebrity. #Returning to the past, he found his future.


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Peter McGinn

at 09:38 am

This is a slow-paced movie where not much exciting happens. You can see that just by reading the reviews: the negative ones that use words like boring, and nothing happens! This is perhaps why there is such an audience out there for end to end action movies. A lot of viewers want movies with simple plots, where every problem is caused and solved by acts of violence. Those movies are easier to watch if you have talkative friends over for movie night, or want to constantly text while viewing and — sorry, I seem to have fallen into rant mode. Timothy Spall does his usual sublime work, and it is easy to forget the actor is 30 years younger than this role. The rest of the cast are not too shabby either. The dialogue rings true most of the time. I am not sure it pieces together the social media connection as well as it could have, but that is quite minor. This is a great character study of a normal guy, with backstory about his marriage added in through gradual flashbacks. One of my favorite elements of this film is the way they keep Spall’s elderly character consistent. He is a bit of a curmudgeon right from the start of his journey, at least until the people he encounters get beneath his outer shell, and he is the same way at the end. It would have been easy to have him be Mr. Sunshine at the end, affected by the kindness and approval he encountered along the way, but his character stayed true to himself. It is a movie of neat small touches; too quiet for many, just right for others, like me.