The Karate Kid Part II

After discovering that his father is at death's door, Mr. Miyagi sets out to Japan, to see him with Daniel. Upon arriving, Miyagi must confront an old rival. Meanwhile, Daniel encounters a new love, and some new enemies. #This time, the combat is real.

Runtime: 113 min

Popularity: 72.656

Budget: $13,000,000

Revenue: $115,103,979

Quality: HD

imdb rating 6.2


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at 11:07 am

A disappointment. I gained nothing from 'The Karate Kid Part II', it adds very little to the original. Pat Morita (Mr. Miyagi) is the only plus point for me, he especially has one great and emotional scene with his co-star. Otherwise, no-one else stands out - not even (the still solid) Ralph Macchio (Daniel). Up until the ending I was actually nonplussed about it, neither liking or disliking it, but the conclusion is so uninteresting and lame that I just couldn't wait for 'The End' to appear. I will say it isn't an excruciating watch or anything, but I just expected a great deal more from this sequel. It doesn't feel attached to the first film, which is obviously a negative. Other things that didn't help were the shoehorning out of Elisabeth Shue (Ali) & Randee Heller (Lucille) and the repetitive nature of the story; e.g. another love story that features a jock-like character, Daniel still getting battered and bruised for the majority. Hopefully the next two follow-ups are much better.