The Adam Project

After accidentally crash-landing in 2022, time-traveling fighter pilot Adam Reed teams up with his 12-year-old self on a mission to save the future. #Past meets future.


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at 14:25 pm

The Adam Project is a sci-fi movie that takes you on a wild, CGI-filled flight that is out of this world-with futuristic technology that makes you excited but also afraid of what could come, The sci-fi elements look so realistic - as realistic as those can be - that it gives the impression that the cinematographers used time travel themselves to capture these scenes. Exceptional fight scenes that defy gravity. This film also takes you into some very realistic topics, too, like grieving for a loved one, being bullied by classmates and accepting who you are. Ryan Reynolds is in front of us with the same character he has been playing for the last 15 years. What really surprises me is the harmony of someone like Reynolds, who was in front of the camera with the world's greatest actors and actresses, with Walker Scobell, who had his first acting experience at the age of 12. They made a great duo team. The overall storyline of the movie is creative, but it does not really have any unique plot twists nor is it fully developed. And as a result, this film comes off a little bland and seems to be missing something. It doesn't promise much as it is what we've always been seeing but it's pretty good at delivering what it promises. Long story short, 'The Adam Project' is a movie made to entertain the audience and it succeeds. • • Enjoyment Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟/5 • Overall Score: 8.0/10


at 23:38 pm

**Full Analysis at Spotamovie.com** - **Intro** - Released in March 2022, The Adam Project is a movie for those who love Sci-Fi, actions, CGI, and those who wish to change their past to let any regrets disappear. The Adam Project delivers a combination of funny entertainment and some meaningful messages. Ryan Reynolds and the director, Shawn Levy, are back together after the incredible success of Free Guy. - **The Story** - Adam Reed is a young boy grieving his father’s death and suffering the pains of bullying. Then, one night he found a wounded pilot in his dad’s garage. The intruder needs Adam’s help because he risked everything for a secret mission to be back in time. But, the operation can’t fail because the world is in grave danger. The real challenge for the task is that both of them don’t like each other. So, some questions are mandatory: Who is the pilot? Why is this mission so dangerous for the world? And what is the reason that moves the pilot to this desperate operation? But also, what are we going to learn from this story? - **We will explain all of this in our review and analysis available at https://www.spotamovie.com/the-adam-project-review-and-explanation-critic-post-movie-netflix-movie-2022/**


at 15:20 pm

**" BACK -{ FROM }- THE FUTURE 🌠 "** A Netflix **-{ MINI }-** Review... Film Seen around March 27, 2022. It -{ ISN'T }- "very likely" to be released in Cinemas.( Made For STREAMING ). ______________________________________________________ Ellie { Young Adam's Mom }: "This's the third time you've been suspended for fighting". Young Adam: "I know. You'd think I'd be better at it by now!!!" ______________________________________________________ If you're someone who's presently in the mood to take a -Welcome- Break from all the doom and gloom on the news right now and watch a movie that comes **"FULL-CIRCLE"** in the most Enthralling, Engaging, and indeed -{ Heartwarming }- of ways . . . then I wish to -Wholeheartedly- recommend "The Adam Project", **( TAP for short ),** to you. The only -Other- cinematic experience I've had where a film came Full-Circle in -Such- beautiful fashion, in -Recent- memory at least, would be the simply Fabulous "SpiderMan: No Way Home" **( "SM-NWH" ).** It is a picture that literally ( And -Very- Cleverly ) ties up loose ends within the -{ Entire }- Spiderman CANON of films, from as far back as 2002. It also just happens to be the -Last- Massive Blockbuster that I reviewed ; before going on an -Entirely- unplanned, ( but -Incredibly- refreshing ) 'Extended 101-day hiatus from reviewing'. Ok, so if you thought that the 13 yr. old "Newcomer" of said film, pint-sized thespian Walker Scobell was a tremendous -Dramatic- actor, well, then you'd only be -Half- right. The fact of the mater is... he's also a terrific **-COMEDIC-** talent, with seriously "Impeccable" timing, especially given that this is, get this ...his -{ First Ever }- movie or TV ( 'Feature' ) appearance. Factor Walker's "Super-Fun" performance in alongside a 'full spectrum' of absolute **-{ "POWERHOUSE!" }-** deliveries from the film's unequivocal ensemble principal cast of Protagonists ( Zoe Saldaña, Ryan Reynolds, Mark Ruffalo, Jennifer Garner, ) . . . then add in some absolutely -Fantastic- ( & truly state of the art ) CGI, a genuinely -Mindblowing- grand finale set piece ...and the kind of fight choreography that you really have to -See- ...to believe . . . & you have a seriously, seriously exciting picture, indeed. Not to mention **FUNNY AS HELL!!!** I really hadn't laughed so hard in a long time ; -since- ( about the 3rd time ) I watched SM-NWH, to be precise. On the downside, though . . . & if I'm to be 'painfully' honest . . . -Both- the Villain ( ...don't get me wrong, the person who plays the main 'baddie' is a Veteran performer ; I just felt like the Writing there could have been just that "Little Bit Stronger"... ) -And- her 'ever loyal' henchman are a 'tad weak', as is the very title of the film, itself. Even something as ( relatively ) simple as **"FLASH-BACK-FORWARD",** would have been -{ Far }- catchier than its existing name, ( although I do think I sorta understand -Why- they called it what they did, for what it's worth ). It's for these two reasons -Alone- that I -Didn't- give it my trademark "25/10" ; reserved especially for movies That Move Me **-{ VERY }-** Deeply, as TAP ( ...quite obviously... ) -Did-. Summary: This is a picture that, ( among -several- other things ), pointedly asks the question: If you could -{ Somehow }- go back in time, & talk to your Younger-Self... **"WHAT'D YOU SAY?"** ...& in the most -Intriguing- of ways, at that. Furthermore, having lost my Dearly Beloved Father when I was -Just- 13, in a horrible, brutal car crash, TAP resonated with me **PROFOUNDLY.** It is has some Genuinely **"TENDER"** Moments, & does a **-Phenomenal-** job of addressing the issue of 'Estranged Father-Son Relationships' the world over, but most especially in the USA ; ( where the film is also -Set- ) ; and where the issue is quite possibly now almost at epidemic levels, what with the country's sky-high divorce rate, separation rate, & just plain old 'Absentee Father-ism', in general. All said & done, the **"EVER-DYNAMIC!** Duo" of Actor Ryan Reynolds & Director Shawn Levy have well & truly "Done it Again". Although this **-ISN'T-** a Marvel movie, It -does- star a **"Handful Of Marvel's Best & Brightest"** and -is- ultimately, " A ( not so ) little cinematic streaming **MARVEL** 🌠 ", in its 'Very Own Right'. Sadly, I'm not able to give TAP my 'Absoluuut-High-Score' ( as I explained a bit earlier ), but it -Still- earns a **"Majestic, Rock Solid 13 Marks Out Of 10 Marks"** from me . . . **NONETHELESS!!!**