After being bitten by a genetically altered spider at Oscorp, nerdy but endearing high school student Peter Parker is endowed with amazing powers to become the superhero known as Spider-Man. #Go for the ultimate spin.

Runtime: 121 min

Popularity: 117.105

Budget: $139,000,000

Revenue: $821,708,551

Quality: HD

imdb rating 7.2


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at 04:02 am

Sam Raimi's Spider-Man captures the spirit of the comic book hero and it's still one of my all time favourite superhero movies. It lays out the perfect blueprint for a superhero origin story that I love revisiting every year or so. I've always been able to relate to Peter Parker growing up. Tobey Maguire and Co. delivered a great interpretation of the characters in a way that still can not be matched.

Justin Lopez

at 03:43 am

So many Spiderman movies out there but this will always be the original. Though the other ones have better CGI and maybe action sequences, none can match the plot this one has.


at 10:07 am

This is one of the few films that you can watch when you're bored and still be excited about what's going to happen (even though you've watched it over and over already and you've memorized almost all of the lines).


at 10:46 am

I keep telling people that this is the real Spider-Man and I will always stand by that. Tobey Maguire the real MVP!

Jane Hall

at 11:12 am

Films from the 2000s really are way different from the ones we have now. I wish all origin stories could be as good as this one.


at 20:36 pm

You can take your Tom Holland and Andrew Garfield with you. Tobey Maguire is the best Spider-Man of all time and no amount of CGI can change that!

John Smith

at 21:22 pm

It's 2019 and I still get chills every time I watch this film!


at 23:44 pm

Truly one of the most successful superheroes ever made!


at 01:08 am

Was, still is, and will forever be one of my favorite childhood superhero movies!


at 02:54 am

Lot of respect for Tobey Maguire for doing well on this one. He didn't do well in his previous films but he was able to do justice to Spider Man on this one.


at 04:43 am

Definitely made the list of greatest comic book adaptations.


at 02:52 am

Man, that scene with Uncle Ben broke my heart big time! Made me even think of my life choices.


at 02:57 am

I've read the comics and I can say that this is truly the comic book come to life!


at 05:06 am

You know a film is good when you're able to quote something from it. "With great power, comes great responsibility"


at 16:09 pm

This film is one of the reasons why 2002 was a great time to be alive!


at 22:31 pm

It's not a surprise that this is considered one of the most successful superhero movies ever made.


at 23:14 pm

It's amazing how they were able to balance action and human element in this movie.


at 23:58 pm

To sum it up, this is the first Spider-Man film with everything leveled up.


at 00:42 am

Sam Raimi sure knows how to make a good superhero film. He was able to give so much depth to Spider-Man, a hero we only know from comic books.


at 02:43 am

The greatest part about this is Toby Maguire's acting. He made everything so much more believable that it was hard not to be engrossed in the movie.