A young woman seeking self-improvement enlists the help of a renowned hypnotist but, after a handful of intense sessions, discovers unexpected and deadly consequences. #His wish is her command.

Runtime: 88 min

Popularity: 158.7

Budget: $0

Revenue: $0

Quality: HD

imdb rating 6.2


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at 14:55 pm

To be honest I actually like it..I'm a big fan of mystery. I didn't even read what the summary was are out of what the fart was a tall I automatically just clicked on it and went off because it's I went by the title and I had no idea but once it came on I was like yes but it was really good he had a good ending a good start I wish I would have went more into the backstory what happened to his wife oh yeah but they did so I think they did say that she had cancer but I liked it it was pretty good sorry I'm rambling I'm eating....lol