The story revolves around a top-secret resort for retired U.S. intelligence officers. A group of criminals led by Balzary breach the compound, hellbent on revenge on Robert, forcing the retired officer and his son to save the day. #This prison has no bars.


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at 02:14 am

I'm now convinced this Bruce Willis is an anamatronic android and the real one is living the good life on some island in the Pacific. Just another forgettably bad direct-to-video thriller "starring" Bruce Willis. The fight scenes are almost incomprehensible and the acting rather poor or, in the case of Willis, bland, clearly his scenes were often shot separately from others. At the very least Chad Michael Murray seemed to be having a good time. If only Willis would adapt to playing insane like Nicolas Cage has in his DTV train-wrecks. I thought there was a kernel of a good idea... until I remembered this sort of thing was done with the 2010 graphic novel adaptation of RED... starring Bruce Willis in a time he still gave a damn. **1.25/5**