Fish Eyes

“A fish’s eye cannot see the water, a man’s eye cannot see the sky.”(the water for fish and the sky for human beings are both something indispensable, but we are apt to forget about their existence and we don’t definitely see them.). We can’t see its existence because it’s too close. Reina is unable to show her true feelings because she covers herself as an honor student. Umi who is bohemian person has repeated meetings with her teacher. Rakuto keeps turning the shutter on his childhood friend who doesn’t look back. Osamu secretly hopes for the happiness of his beloved. Akari throws her scorching gaze of love. This is the teenage ensemble cast story of girls’who have weaknesses and live in a world like a small aquarium. We are still unable to love our weaknesses well.

Genres: Drama, Romance

Actors: Alice Shimada, Wakasa

Director: Yuiko Itano, Ayako Masuda

Country: Japan

Release: 2022

Status: Released

Runtime: 52 min

Popularity: 4.681

Budget: $0

Revenue: $0

Quality: HD

imdb rating 0


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