A reformed sociopath heads to a remote island after the death of his brother. Soon after his arrival, the island falls under siege from a deadly gang of mercenaries, and when he discovers their role in his brother’s demise, he sets out on a relentless quest for vengeance. #Killer instincts die hard.


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at 05:50 am

By no means great or even that good, but as far as these direct-to-video flicks go, it was entertaining enough though pacing felt off and the two elements of suspense-thriller and mystery never quite gelled (could partially be due to the initial production was back in 2015 and shut down due to budgetary issues and back in production five years later). And while he was a one day, one location shoot, Mel Gibson seemed to be having a good time (one scene his character is supposed to be hammered, it wouldn't surprise me if he was a bit drunk). Also, Scott Eastwood might not have his father's charisma, but he was alright in this one. **2.75/5**