Ciao Alberto

With his best friend Luca away at school, Alberto is enjoying his new life in Portorosso working alongside Massimo – the imposing, tattooed, one-armed fisherman of few words – who's quite possibly the coolest human in the entire world as far as Alberto is concerned. He wants more than anything to impress his mentor, but it's easier said than done. #They go together like pasta and pesto.

Runtime: 7 min

Popularity: 215.396

Budget: $45,223

Revenue: $0

Quality: HD

imdb rating 7.5


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Mercedes Varnado #1 Fan!

at 02:24 am

**Alberto and Massimo break your heart in 5 minutes** Four hours ago, I turned on my Roku TV, went to Disney+ to watch the short film I have been anticipating for a while! Alberto does everything in his power to impress his new mentor. Who he ends up calling "Dad." From badly replacing Guilia's job, to burning Massimo's boat, Alberto learns that it isn't very easy to make a good impression. Tears snuck up on me when Alberto ran away and called out Massimo. The hole that Massimo's dad punched in the wall is kind of like his and Alberto's relationship. It ended up being fixed. It was also nice to hear Luca's voice at the beginning of the film. I wish the parents of Luca were also in this film. But I loved it, nonetheless.