Brian and Charles

An endearing outlier, Brian lives alone in a Welsh valley, inventing oddball contraptions that seldom work. After finding a discarded mannequin head, Brian gets an idea. Three days, a washing machine, and sundry spare parts later, he’s invented Charles, an artificially intelligent robot who learns English from a dictionary and proves a charming, cheeky companion. Before long, however, Charles also develops autonomy. Intrigued by the wider world — or whatever lies beyond the cottage where Brian has hidden him away — Charles craves adventure. #Some friendships are built to last.


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at 02:17 am

FULL SPOILER-FREE REVIEW @ https://www.msbreviews.com/movie-reviews/brian-and-charles-spoiler-free-review-sundance-2022 "Brian and Charles will definitely end up as one of the most endearing, funniest, feel-good stories of the whole year. Jim Archer takes David Earl and Chris Hayward's original screenplay and uses their extraordinary, amusing performances to bring to life a narrative about true friendship and authentic human connections. The light humor consistently forces the audience to let go of strong, loud laughs, either through genuinely hilarious interactions between the two protagonists or using physical comedy and brilliant song selection. It may not be never-seen-before content or as inventive as expected, but it manages to deliver a memorable, entertaining, heartfelt story with beautiful messages. A must-watch!" Rating: A-

Chris Sawin

at 23:07 pm

Familiarities aside, _Brian and Charles_ is written in a way that tugs at your heartstrings and reminds us that we should be judged by what’s inside even if our insides are a plethora of tangled cords and flashing lights and not a beating, blood pumping heart. The film touches on loneliness and bullying that is easy to sympathize with if you’ve ever suffered from either. _Brian and Charles_ may revolve around a creative nerd as he succumbs to a violent bully, but the film is so pure and so wholesome that a little beach fanatic robot created in a cow shed makes you feel more human than any other film has in a long, long time. **Full review:** https://hubpages.com/entertainment/Brian-and-Charles-2022-Review-Cinematic-Naivety-At-Its-Finest