While vacationing in Greece, Beckett, becomes the target of a manhunt after a devastating car accident forces him to run for his life across the country to clear his name but tensions escalate as the authorities close in and political unrest mounts which makes Beckett fall even deeper into a dangerous web of conspiracy. #Born to be murdered.


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at 02:39 am

A nice being chased style movie. The storyline was stretching the limits of possibilities of a person with a tech background being able to jump off a two-storey parking garage. But all in all a good weekend watch.


at 00:33 am

Entertainment, this will do it for those with low standards (like me) but I think most viewers would agree that the story was less than believable and a little disappointing since Beckett was used as a punching bag, a few times too often. Then the impossible happened with a swan dive from the parking garage. If you are okay with unbelievable stories full of the lead actor on the run for his life for most of the show, then you will love this movie.⭐⭐