To celebrate their graduation, the teenagers from Valley Hills High School have organized an ’80s-themed party at the old Wet Valley water park. Things turn gruesome when it's revealed that a mysterious maniac has inserted giant razor blades into one of the water slides. The water park thus becomes the backdrop for a bloodbath (literally), and everyone is a suspect... #Your killer vacation awaits


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at 15:15 pm

Was... Was this great? I genuinely can't tell. I finished watching this and then immediately watched it again and I **still** have no idea. Seriously, I can't even work out if **I** thought this was good or not, let alone whether anybody else would.


at 01:35 am

Decent watch at best, won't watch again, and can't recommend outside a Bad Movie Night. While it is great to see young ladies pretending to be high schoolers in bikinis...it's not a unique selling point by any means. The movie also takes far too long to establish things and get onto the actual action. The traditional 2nd act action and 3rd act resolution is highly reduced and not satisfying for me. For the murder mystery aspect of it, there is no character approach to finding the murderer. No cops, detectives, or gang of kids with a talking dog actively searching for the killer, the investigation isn't part of the story, it's just sort of a tacked on addition to the story.